Vehicle Registration

To enhance the security of the campus, the University requires all vehicles, which are parked on the campus, to be registered with its Department of Public Safety and to display appropriate university decals or permits. As a result, all vehicles parked on the campus must bear a valid William Paterson University parking permit/decal, which must be visibly displayed whenever the vehicle is parked on campus, and each student and/or university employee must register his/her vehicle with the William Paterson University Department of Public Safety to park on campus. The only exception to the parking decal requirement is a visitor's vehicle parked in designated visitor's spot.

At William Paterson University, its community members, who park on campus, are responsible for ensuring that their vehicles or the vehicles, to which they have access, are registered and are operated in conformance with university policy as well as state laws. Only William Paterson University students who are registered for classes and University employees are allowed parking privileges, and first-year resident students are prohibited from registering a vehicle, unless the Associate Vice President of Campus Life determines otherwise. A first year resident student may be permitted to park on campus for health and/or employment reasons by the Associate Vice President of Campus Life, whose office is located in the Student Center.

Ownership of vehicle

 A person need not own a specific vehicle to park it on the university campus. A student or university employee may register a vehicle belonging to another person with the Department of Public Safety with the permission of the vehicle's owner.

Online vehicle registration

To register a vehicle used by a student or a university employee, that person must apply for a decal online. To do so, a person must do the following after acquiring a university password :

  • Go to
  • Enter name and password in appropriate spaces
  • Read university's regulations regarding vehicle and press acknowledgement
  • Complete online application and submit it.

Within a few days of the online registration, the parking decal will be sent to the registrant by the Violations Bureau's staff person unless other arrangements have been made. If there is a problem with the online registration, the Deputy Director of the Department of Public Safety should be contacted by telephone at (973) 720-3207.

Temporary parking permit in lieu of registration

If a student or a university employee must borrow a vehicle temporarily and needs to park the borrowed vehicle on campus, that person must acquire a temporary parking permit. To obtain a temporary permit, the person needs to go directly to the Violations Bureau located in the building for the Department of Public Safety and request a permit. The temporary permit is valid for only the specific period of time indicated upon the permit.