Vector Sexual Violence Prevention Course

The Vector Sexual Violence Prevention Course is a reality-driven course designed to educate students about consent, healthy relationships, bystander intervention, as well as the realities of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and more. Featuring student presenters and survivors, the course includes scenarios, testimonials, and key advice for dealing with these crucial topics.

This course is a requirement for all new William Paterson students

Login Directions for Sexual Violence Prevention Training

  • Follow this link:
  • VectorSolutions Log In page will open. You will be instructed to enter your username, which will be your student ID number
  • Complete the course. The course may be completed in multiple sittings. You may save your work and finish at a later time by logging back in with your username

Alternate Way to Access the Course

  • Log in to WP Connect with your student email address and password
  • Click Students at the top of the page
  • Locate Campus Life and then locate and click on  Vector Sexual Violence Prevention Course
  • VectorSolutions Log In page will open

IMPORTANT! If you fail to complete this program before the deadline, a HOLD will be placed on your student account, preventing you from withdrawing from a course or registering for next semester.

Deadline for Completion


  • September 24


  • February 22

For ALL LOGIN and technical issues, contact the Vector Solutions Client Success Team at 800-434-0154 and tell them that you are a student at William Paterson University or email

For ALL OTHER Vector Sexual Violence Prevention Course issues or concerns contact Theresa Bivaletz at or call 973.720.2578.