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About Us


The David and Lorraine Cheng Library is the academic knowledge center of William Paterson University. The Library advances the University’s mission and core values: academic excellence, creation of knowledge, student success, diversity and citizenship. To further this mission, the Library provides access to scholarly materials and instruction in their use, expert service and state-of-the-art facilities. More broadly, the Library:

  • Contributes to the success of the University’s educational and co-curricular programs;
  • Champions the benefits of information technology for all segments of the University community;
  • Supports progressive models of information exchange, resists all efforts at censorship and promotes ethical uses of information;
  • Actively seeks new methods and innovations for the delivery and use of academic knowledge in the University community;

(Revised and approved: August, 2013).


The Cheng Library will be central to the accomplishments of the University and valued for its leadership on campus and throughout the state.

  • When students describe their academic success, they credit the Library’s role;
  • When faculty speak with pride about their teaching and research at William Paterson University, they acknowledge the Library’s contributions;
  • When campus units look for partners, they immediately consider the Library;
  • When librarians around the state seek out best practices, they look to the Cheng Library at William Paterson University.

Approved: August, 2013

Strategic Goals of the Cheng Library

The strategic goals outlined below articulate five specific, significant directions for the Cheng Library over the next six to eight years. This focus is not intended to minimize the importance of the Library’s enabling capabilities, the core strengths and activities that direct its ongoing daily operations and without which newly defined priorities would certainly flounder. Moreover, the goals reflect the evolving nature of library collections, where the scope of the term “collections” is understood to extend beyond ownership of physical materials to access to resources, regardless of format or how they were procured.

Goal 1

The Library will increase and strengthen its presence and contributions to all aspects of online education – teaching and learning, research, services, and resources;

Goal 2

The Library will enhance its collections and their usability to best support the University’s academic goals;

Goal 3

The Library will establish a comprehensive communication strategy, tailored to each of its stakeholder groups, to articulate its values, to foster collaboration, and to increase awareness and use of its services and resources;

Goal 4

The Library will create physical and virtual learning spaces where students and faculty can productively interact with each other, with Library staff and with Library resources;

Goal 5

The Library will lead and innovate, bringing to campus new directions and opportunities for the delivery and use of academic knowledge.

Core Values of the Cheng Library

Consistent with its mission and vision, the Cheng Library staff value:

  1. Excellence in the quality and delivery of library services and resources supporting the University’s teaching, learning, research and service goals.
  2. The unique contributions that library instruction, services and resources provide to student success and lifelong learning.
  3. Open and effective communication at all levels, both internally within the library organization and externally with the campus community and beyond.
  4. Diversity of ideas, culture and expression in our staff and collections.
  5. A library climate that supports the professional development of its staff and fosters collaboration with colleagues across campus, regionally and nationally.