Leadership and Administration

Gamin Bartle, PhD


EMAIL: bartleg

PHONE: 973-720-2530

OFFICE: College Hall 142

Patrick Ryan

Director of Instruction & Research Technology

EMAIL: ryanp

PHONE: 973-720-3326

OFFICE: Library 120d

Tony Krucinski

Department Coordinator

EMAIL: krucinskit

PHONE: 973-720-2659

OFFICE: Library 120e

Junko Nagano

Office Assistant

EMAIL: naganoj

PHONE: 973-720-3078

OFFICE: Library 120e

Center for Teaching with Technology

Jae Kim, PH.D

Assistant Director

EMAIL: kimj

PHONE: 973-720-2937

OFFICE: Library 120h

Housen Maratouk

Instructional Designer

EMAIL: maratoukh

PHONE: 973-720-2220

OFFICE: Library 120j

Ming Jian, PH.D

Instructional Designer

EMAIL: jianm

PHONE: 973-720-2731

OFFICE: Library 120f

Sena Bulak, MS Ed

Instructional Designer

EMAIL: bulaks

PHONE: 973-720-2451

OFFICE: Library 120i

Broadcast, Production & Support

Dante Portella

Audio Technician

EMAIL: portellad

PHONE: 973-720-2482

OFFICE: Hamilton 305

Rhoderick Holliday

Production Coordinator

EMAIL: hollidayr1

PHONE: 973-720-2959

OFFICE: Hamilton 131

Greg Mattison

Media Supervisor

EMAIL: mattisonw

PHONE: 973-720-3711

OFFICE: Hamilton 305

Rob Meyer

Video Engineer

EMAIL: meyerr

PHONE: 973-720-2613

OFFICE: Hamilton 116

Tom Nemeth

AV and Media Support Specialist

EMAIL: nemetht

PHONE: 973-720-2416

OFFICE: Hamilton 308

Christopher Weber

Media Technician

EMAIL: weberc

PHONE: 973-720-3288

OFFICE: Ben Shahn 201C

Classroom Technology Support

Damon Weber

AV Control Systems Manager

EMAIL: weberd

PHONE: 973-720-6243

OFFICE: Library 120g