Institutes: Bb, QM and Pedagogy

The Center for Teaching/Learning with Technology hosts institutes in the day-long and multiple day face-to-face settings as well as several multiple-week online offerings. 



Blended Learning Boot Camp - Demonstrating best practices in teaching courses taught online and in person, this one-week institute meets in person on Monday and Friday and online Tuesday-Thursday.
Online PedagogyA two-week online workshop designed to provide online pedagogy and educational strategies for those who will be teaching online for the first time. 
Active Learning - Active learning is an approach to instruction in which students engage the material through writing, talking, listening, and reflecting in contrast to more passive modes of instruction.
Quality Matters - Overview of QM Rubrics for applying quality standards to course design through professional development workshops and certification courses for instructors and online learning professionals

Delivery (Blackboard):

Institute - A two-day workshop designed to introduce faculty to the key features of the Blackboard learning management system.
RefresherThis one-day workshop will cover 3-4 advanced Blackboard topics determined by a vote of the attendees.


Blackboard Institute

August 11-12 

Blackboard Refresher

September 25

       Quality Matters

        October 14

Active Learning Institute

December 4

Blended Learning Boot Camp

January 11 - January 15

Active Learning Institute

March 4

Quality Matters

April 15

Blended Learning Boot Camp

May 16 - May 20



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