In 1994, William Paterson University's Center for Continuing Education, along with faculty and community members, established the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. It is the ​only “State Teaching Center” in Passaic County (as designated by the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education)​. William Paterson University is also an member of AHO (Association of Holocaust Organizations).

March 10, 1994: NJ state legislation mandated Holocaust Education in K-12:

a.Every board of education shall include instruction on the Holocaust and genocides in an appropriate place in the curriculum of all elementary and secondary school pupils.

b. The instruction shall enable pupils to identify and analyze applicable theories concerning human nature and behavior: to understand that genocide is a consequence of prejudice and discrimination: and to understand that issues of moral dilemma and conscience have a profound impact on life. The instruction shall further emphasize the personal responsibility that each citizen bears to fight racism and hatred whenever and wherever it happens. 

- NJ Revised Statute18A:35-28