Lateral Transfer Process

Lateral Transfer is the movement of an employee from one job assignment to another within his/her job classification in another organizational unit or department. Effective July 1, 2002 full time Classified employees within an organizational unit who desire a lateral transfer must meet the eligibility guidelines listed below.

  • Permanent status in the title of position being filled
  • One year in current position
  • Current performance appraisal rating of satisfactory
  • Agree to review of performance appraisal document by hiring manager
  • Satisfactory completion of skills assessment performance test administered by Human Resources

Lateral Transfer procedure is as follows:

  1. Interested employees must submit a memo of interest and current resume (email preferred) to the Director of Human Resources. As a professional courtesy, it is recommended that you inform your supervisor of your intent to pursue lateral transfer opportunities.

  2. An HR staff member will acknowledge receipt and maintain the pool of interested candidates. Names will remain in the pool for one fiscal year unless the candidate is selected for a position or submits a written request to be removed from the list.

  3. When an opening exists, candidates will be contacted to confirm their interest in interviewing for the vacant position. HR will schedule the interviews with the hiring manager.

  4. The hiring manager notifies HR of the outcome of the interview process. The hiring manager may request to review the performance appraisal document of candidates in whom s/he has a strong interest. The hiring manager is not bound to offer any of the interested applicants the position but must provide to HR valid justification for non-selection of candidates.

  5. If a candidate is selected, HR will extend the transfer offer to the candidate. The transfer will occur once the impacted managers determine a transfer date (usually the start of a new pay period and a minimum of two weeks from offer date).

  6. Once the offer has been accepted, the hiring manager must communicate the outcome of the interview process to the individuals not selected.

If you have questions on this matter, please contact The Office of Human Resources at extension 2605.