Source Listing of Organizations

Consumer Information

New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs,, agency charged with protecting consumers from fraud, direct and misrepresentation in the sale of goods and services as well as investigating consumer complaints.

Health/Mental Health

Centers for Disease Control,

Healthfinder,                                                                                A gateway consumer health info site from the U.S. Government.

A free medical reference with disease and treatment, pharmacy, medical dictionary, poison control center, and news sections.

Men's Health, 
Prevention's Healthy Man is a one-stop resource for men's health issues with dozens of articles on medicine, nutrition, exercise, etc. and the most current info. to help men of all ages build a healthy lifestyle.

The Mayo Clinic's Health Oasis, features dozens of articles dealing with women's health concerns.

Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization, or
Cancer resources, early detection programs, monthly newsletter and information for anyone who has been touched by breast cancer.


Financial Aid Information Page,

Links to sources of information about student financial aid. Maintained by the author of "The Prentice Hall Guide to Scholarships and Fellowships for Math and Science Students."

Addictions and Substance abuse

Al-Anon and Alateen,
Self-help info for families and friends of alcoholics.

Alcoholics Anonymous Net,
Self-help info for alcohol/drug addictions.

Cocaine Anonymous,
Self-help info for cocaine addiction.

Nicotine Anonymous, http://www.nicotine-anonymous.orgSelf-help info for nicotine addiction.

Overeaters Anonymous,
Self-help info for compulsive overeaters.

SCA - Sexual Compulsives Anonymous, info for men and women dealing with compulsive sexual behavior.

SMART Recovery,
Self-help program for alcohol/substance abuse (non-spiritual approach).

Women for Sobriety,
Self-help program for women dealing with alcoholism and other addictions.

Workaholics Anonymous,
Self-help info for people addicted to work.