The Truth In Lending Requirements

As per the Truth in Lending Act of 2010, lenders who provide private education loans must comply with the following requirements:  

  • Lenders must provide three separate loan disclosures to borrowers—one at the point of application, one when the loan is approved, and one before the loan is disbursed.  
  • A waiting period of three business days is required between the time the borrower receives the final loan disclosure and the time that the loan is disbursed to the University.  
  • The borrower must complete and submit the Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification Form.  This form will include information about the availability of federal student loans, the student’s cost of attendance, estimated amount of financial assistance, and the difference between the student’s cost of attendance and estimated financial aid. This form is provided by the lender.   
  • Your lender should provide you with all the necessary information about these requirements.  

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