Directors' Council Awards

The Director's Council Steering Committee solicits nominations for Directors' Council Recognition Awards annually.  The awards will be presented at the final general meeting of the academic year.  Award recommendations will be made using the criteria listed on the guidelines below, although preference will be given to nominees who demonstrate consistent commitment to the Directors' Council.



Past Winners

2008 Raj Vohra Lou Poandl / Martin Williams Jill Guzman
2009 Bernadette Tiernan Joninne Deloatch Terry Bogorad
2010 Nancy Norris Bauer Librada Sanchez Cindy Gennarelli
2011 Jane Zeff Kate Muldoon Sandra Miller
2012 Sharon Rosengart Robert Fullemen Lirse Jones
2013 Ken Schneider Jonathon McCoy Patrick Noonan
2014 Linda Refsland Brian Fanning Richard Baird
2015 Janis Schwartz Michelle Johnson Michael Corso
2016 Desyra Highsmith Donald Bennett Johanna Torres
2017 Donna Minnich Spuhler Liana Fornarotto Rogernelle Griffin
2018 Joe Alaya Spencer Scott
2019 Michael Corso Jill Guzman Veronica Ruiz
2020 Awards paused due to  COVID-19 pandemic
2021 Yolany Gonell Gamin Bartle     Patrick Ryan Charles Lowe