Students two years or more removed from high school, a minimum 2.0 GPA during their time in school, and transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended. Apply here and choose your program!

Yes. A student can earn credit for life experience in the following ways: standardized national exams, portfolio assessment, military training and experience, professional licenses and certifications, challenge exams, and corporate training or workshops. 

WP Online students typically take 12 credits per semester. Many courses in the major are scheduled in accelerated 7-week sessions to allow students to take four courses at a time during a semester; Two courses to be taken in the first 7-week session, and two in the second. 

two courses each 7-week session within a semester, totaling four courses (12 credits), so they can apply for financial aid. 

For Degree Completers seeking online classes only complete the application at  https://online.wpunj.edu/degrees/undergraduate/. 

For Degree Completers seeking the traditional route, complete the online application at www.wpunj.edu/applynow and select the transfer application. Be sure to select the appropriate term you would like to begin classes. 

If you have any credits from another college or university, please be sure to request your official transcripts and have them sent directly to William Paterson University. 

All credits obtained at WPU are usually applied to your degree. Exceptions do exist depending on curriculum changes throughout the years. 

We can also apply additional credits towards your degree. See Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) above. 

120 credits are necessary to complete a Bachelor’s Degree.  

Please be sure to apply for financial aid at: www.studentaid.gov.  

WP Online tuition and fees: https://online.wpunj.edu/tuition/. 

Traditional undergraduate tuition and fees: https://www.wpunj.edu/studentaccounts/tuition-and-fees/index.html. 

Depending on how many credits you can apply it can take anywhere from a year and a half to two years! 

All WP Online classes are online. Traditional undergraduate courses are offered in-person with online, hybrid, and Saturday and evening options.