Alumni Details

Marlene Kalayilparampil, MHA, BS

Major: Public Health – General Track, Class of 2013

Position: Women’s Healthcare Intern

Agency: Bayer HealthCare

Graduate Student: Healthcare Administration (MHA), Seton Hall University

As a graduate student, Marlene was selected for a competitive internship with Bayer HealthCare where she works on advocacy issues at the Legislative Affairs office in Washington, D.C. and in consumer marketing at their North American headquarters.   Marlene uses her public health training to conduct reproductive health research on a variety of legislative, policy, and public health trends.  Marlene supports consumer education efforts among college-aged women and assists with the development of World Contraceptive Day.  In this work to promote the reproductive health of millennial women, Marlene has worked with industry experts, CEO’s of national reproductive health agencies, and even members of Congress.  Marlene plans to use this experience to pursue a career in pharmaceutical management with a concentration in health law and policy. (October, 2014)