Alumni Details

Jennifer Okwuonu, BS

Major: Public Health, Class of 2012

Position: Program Manager, Corporate Account Operations

Agency: Eastern Division, American Cancer Society, Inc.

Since graduating in 2012, Jennifer has spent the past 4 years working on various community education projects with a primary focus in chronic disease prevention, healthy eating initiatives and access to free health screenings for low income, uninsured and underinsured individuals.

As a Program Manager at the American Cancer Society, Jennifer works to address the needs of a diverse, multi-cultural population by partnering with some of the most prominent corporations in the United States and implementing cancer control initiatives. Directly responsible for the New Jersey and New York area, Jennifer works to achieve the goal of reducing incidence, mortality and suffering due to cancer by putting workplace wellness programs into action, being an active member of the Society’s 80% by 2018 Colon Cancer workgroup and by addressing the importance of screening guidelines as a corporate health and wellness speaker.  Jennifer’s passion lies in improving the health of our communities through education, intervention, survivorship care and advocacy. (October 2016)