Alumni Details

Alyssa Berdnik, BS, MA

Major: Applied Health, Class of 2014

Graduate Student: MA in Health Education, Columbia University Teachers College (May 2016 graduate)

During Alyssa’s undergraduate education at William Paterson University as an Applied Health major she developed an interest in public health research.  She states: “I came across countless opportunities thanks to the amazing faculty and professors in the department. I became a research assistant and co-authored several peer-reviewed publications regarding various topics in health and how they are translated to consumers via media outlets.”  This led to Alyssa’s receipt of the first Dean's Undergraduate Research Award for the College of Science and Health in 2014. After graduating from WPU, Alyssa was accepted into the Department of Health and Behavior Studies at Teachers College of Columbia University to pursue a Master of Arts Degree in Health Education.  Alyssa graduated with her MA in 2016 and is now eligible for the Certified Health Education Specialist Examination.  She states that she is excited to pursue a career in the field and is considering continuing her education and obtaining another degree. “I am forever thankful for WPU's Department of Public Health and faculty for opening my eyes to the field and molding my passion.” (July 2016)