Alumni Details

Denise Pangilinan, BS, CHES

Major: Health Education, Class of 2009

Position: Youth Program Director

Agency: Garfield YMCA

Graduate Student: Health Education & Behavioral Science (MPH), Rutgers University

Denise works with the school-aged children of Garfield, NJ and their families to promote physical activity and healthy nutritional choices.  Denise designs and implements a variety of health promotion interventions, including Healthy Kids Day, youth sports activities, Family Day fundraisers, and even a Youth Summer Camp.  As a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health, Denise combined her youth work and graduate studies into a fieldwork project – “Food for Thought: Healthy Living – Community Garden”  which supports the development and maintenance of seven community gardens in and around Garfield with the goal of increasing access to healthy food. (October, 2014)