Alumni Details

Kristen Caperino, BS, CHES

Major: Health Education, Class of 2012

Position: Registered Environmental Health Specialist

Agency: Bergen County Department of Health Services

As a Registered Environmental Health Specialist, Kristen spends her days ensuring that Bergen County residents live in a safe and healthy environment.  Kristen uses her training to conduct health and safety inspections at restaurants, public pools, youth camps, tanning salons, solid waste facilities, and residential septic systems.  Kristen investigates complaints about a variety of public health nuisances, including infestations of rodents and insects, reports of animal bites, and instances of food borne illness.  Kristen plans and conducts food safety trainings for food handlers and restaurant managers throughout the county.  Kristen states that “everyday as an REHS is an exciting adventure.” (October, 2014)