Accelerated/Second degree

The ABSN (Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing) program is for individuals who already possess a baccalaureate degree in any discipline.

  • Qualified applicants must have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in their initial baccalaureate degree. 

  • Acceptance into the program is academically competitive – the better your GPA and the more prerequisites completed make the applicant a better-qualified candidate.

For more information contact the ABSN Program Coordinator Dr. Joset Brown at

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  • BIO 1120 General Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credits w/lab)
  • BIO 1130 General Anatomy & Physiology II (4 credits w/lab)
  • BIO 1700 Basic Microbiology (4 credits w/lab)
  • PSY 1100 General Psychology
  • PSY 2110 Life Span Development
  • MATH 1300 Elementary Statistics
  • *CHEM 1330 Chemistry for the Health Sciences (4 credits w/lab)
  • *NUR 3500 Nursing Research (must be a nursing major to register for this course at WPU)
  • *PBHL 2240 Therapeutic Nutrition (must be a nursing major to register for this course at WPU)
  • **BIO 3120 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology (A&P I & II and CHEM 1330 are prerequisites)

Equivalent courses may be transferred from other institutions.

*A two-series Chemistry course with lab may substitute Chem 1330 e.g., General chemistry I &II.

** BIO 3120 must be taken at WPU.

  • A grade of C- or below in a nursing prerequisite course will eliminate a student from acceptance into the ABSN program even if the course has been successfully repeated at WPU or elsewhere.
  • Once accepted into the ABSN program a grade of C- or below in a prerequisite or nursing major course will preclude the student’s progression in the program.
  • The student may transition into the generic nursing program and abide by the Nursing Student Academic Standards Policy as posted in the WPU Undergraduate Nursing Student Handbook.

  • Courses must be completed at an accredited institution.
  • Courses from a New Jersey Community College are transferable if equivalent.
  • Science courses must be less than ten years old.
  • Initial transcript/course evaluations are performed by the Transcript Evaluation Office.
  • Upon acceptance into the ABSN program, your nursing academic advisor may consider similar courses as equivalents (It is beneficial for students to provide course descriptions and syllabi if appealing to your advisor).

  • Students may take nursing prerequisite courses at WPU. However, you would have to apply to the Graduate Admissions Office as a visiting student to take undergraduate nursing prerequisites.
  • You would still need to apply to the Undergraduate Admission’s Office at the appropriate time for the ABSN program.

  • Applications for the ABSN program are accepted September 1st through October 1, each year.
  • All applications are completed online via the Undergraduate Admissions Office.
  • An application is not complete until
    • The application fee has been paid.
    • All transcripts have been received by the Undergraduate Admissions Office.
  • It is not necessary to have all prerequisites completed before applying to the program.
  • Due to certain prerequisite courses only being available at WPU, accepted ABSN students are expected to take the remaining prerequisites at WPU in the Spring semester. WPU does permit ABSN students to take up to nineteen credits in the spring semester, if necessary.
  • Due to course sequencing, A&P I and II cannot be taken in the same semester.  Both courses are prerequisites to Advanced A&P. 
  • The core ABSN nursing courses will begin in WPU’s summer semester (May) and continue through the fall, spring, and the following summer. Students will graduate in August with their BSN.

Q. Can I apply to the accelerated program with an Associates Degree?

A. Students with an Associates Degree are not eligible for the ABSN program. They may apply to the Undergraduate nursing program at WP.

Q. I have a degree from another country, am I eligible for the ABSN program?

A. Your transcripts would have to be evaluated by an international accrediting service to validate the legitimacy of the transcript and the US equivalency of the program completed. If the review is equivalent to the program requirements, then yes, you are eligible.

Q. If I’m graduating in December may I apply for the ABSN program?

A. Yes, you may apply but you would need to communicate with Missy Matera ( in the Undergraduate Admissions Office to help coordinate the processing of your application.

Q. If I’m graduating in May, may I apply for the ABSN program?

A. Yes, you may apply, but you would need to be able to come on WP’s campus in the spring semester to complete the last of the nursing prerequisites.

The ABSN program, is an undergraduate program. Therefore, applications are through the Undergraduate Admission’s Office online.

Applications for are accepted September 1st through October 1, each year.