Sigma Theta Tau Iota Alpha Chapter

Iota Alpha Chapter

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society

Chartered on May 18, 1986, Iota Alpha Chapter is thriving!


2019 Annual Research Conference

Nurses’ Influence through Evidence Based Research Saturday March 30, 2019 11am-2pm in University Commons Ballroom BC.

Induction 2019

Our upcoming induction ceremony will be on October 26, 2019.

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Anna, Gabe, Annika

Anna Weisz received the research award, Gabriel Morton received the innovation research award, and Annika Alviar received the systemic review research award for a poster presented at the Research conference sponsored by Iota Alpha Chapter on March 30, 2019

DECEMBER 5, 2015

 Iota Alpha Chapter inducted 37 new members December 5, 2015 held in the university ballrooms.   The inductees enjoyed the occasion with family, friends and faculty from WPU and Bloomfield College. The keynote speaker, Dr Neddie Serra, shared her presentation of the Pillars of Leadership with over 160 people attending the event.

New Members Inducted in December 2018

Kristian Camantigue Adap

Adriana Mansa Arbuah

Jennifer Kathleen Ball

Lynn Campbell

Estafanien Cristina Castro

Liandra Louise de la Victoria

Kevin Ransley Deleon Castaneda

Nicole Despirito

Danielle Marie Destefano

Oumy Sylia Diene

Eleanor Marielle Espejo

Katerine Grajales Betancur

Gabriel Jaime Morton

Zoey Allison Gibbs

Malika Sade Gilliam

Alexandra-Lee Garilao Hughes

Dayla Ly

Micah Mangundayao

Nicole McWilliams

Andrea Stephania Montes

Iman Museitef

Olayinka Precious Olubiyi

Anna Lisa Dionora Onday

Maria R. Perez

Gem Polius

Ombrete Gatchalian Ramoncalvin

Debbie Ann Persaud

Bernard Favaato Perutti

Fabiana Lucia Rendine

Elizah Ann Rodriguez

Marisa Rodriguez

Antoinette Santos

Yvette Small

Laura Socci

Hanna Solano

Amber Kathleen Susen

Christopher Talavera

Amanda Thomas

Kanwal Virani

Anna Florence Lorraine Weisz