Program Goals

1. To encourage the college community in general, and faculty and students in the Environmental Science program in particular, toward scholarship and research in our natural environment, with particular emphasis on the development of a holistic view of the environment.

2. To provide a course of study within the General Education curriculum for the college community at large which instructs students in the various aspects of environmental science and the relationship of humans to the natural environment.

3. To provide students within other majors with courses which support, complement, or supplement the offerings of the other science majors and mathematics by providing curricula pertinent to the study of the natural environment.

4. To provide students with sufficient background in the basic sciences (chemistry, biology, physics, and geology) and mathematics to permit them to continue a life long pursuit of the study of the environment.

5. To provide environmental science majors with a comprehensive, focused curriculum which provides for in depth knowledge, research skills and laboratory and field techniques to ensure competency in a career as an environmental scientist.

6. To encourage active informed citizenship and leadership in students through the acquisition of effective communication skills, by the thoughtful consideration of ethical issues, and through service to the community.