Pre-Professional Requirements

If you are a Biology major in the Pre-Medical Professions concentration, click HERE to see specific track advising for your personal career goals (MD, DO, Dental, Vet, Pharmacy, PA, PT, Optometry, etc.).  The Biology department’s Pre-Medical Professions concentration is specifically structured to guide and support students as they prepare for a career in medical health-related sciences.

If you a *Biology major in the General, Physiology & Behavior, or Ecology concentration, a Biotechnology major, MS Biotechnology student, Post-Baccalaureate (PBPP) student, other major, or prospective student considering a medical profession, the links below provide curricular guides and other preparations needed to apply for and gain entry into the various medical professional schools. 

Students interested in one or more medical career goals are also encouraged to join the Future Health-Care Professional's (FHP) club, which focuses on preparation for professional school.

*For Biology majors, please note that your major course requirements already meet the prerequisite requirements for all of the medical professional schools with two minor exceptions – PA and PT schools require A&P 1 & 2 which Biology majors can take in place of General Biology II. 




 Pre-Physical Therapy 3+3 with Rutgers (Biology Majors Only)