Pre-Physical Therapy Requirements

WPUNJ / Rutgers SHRP 3+ 3 Pre-Physical Therapy Program (beginning Fall 2011) 

The Department of Biology at William Paterson University (WPUNJ) in conjunction with the Rutgers School of Health Related Professions (Rutgers SHRP) has established a collaborative 3 + 3 program of study leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from WPUNJ and the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the Rugters SHRP after completion of a six year joint program.  Successful students will spend three years (or the time required to complete 83.5 credits) in the Pre-Physical Therapy program at WPUNJ fulfilling the requirements for admission to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Rutgers SHRP.* 

The following requirements must be completed at William Paterson:
**Major Science and Mathematics Courses:

University Core Curriculum (UCC) and Elective Courses: 
Techonlogy Intensive (2 courses) - May be included in courses listed above.

  • First Year Seminar
  • UCC Personal Well-Being
  • UCC Expression (Art & Comm; Literature; Writing) (Must include College Writing)
  • UCC Ways of Knowing: (Philos; Hist; Soc & Behav) (Must include General Psychology)
  • UCC Ways of Knowing: Science (College Physics I)
  • UCC Ways of Knowing: Quantitative (Calculus I)
  • UCC Diversity and Justice
  • UCC Community and Civic Knowledge
  • UCC Global Awareness
  • Foreign Language (2 courses)
  • Writing Intensive (3 courses) - may be included in above courses
  • Technology Intensive (2 courses) - may be included in above courses

Total number of credits required at WPUNJ 83.5 credits**

Students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 to be competitve for admission to the Physical Therapy program at Rutgers SHRP. 

*Admission to the Physical Therapy Program at Rugers SHRP is not guaranteed. 

**University policy requires that at least 30 of the 83.5 total credits shall be completed at WPU.  Further, half the ‘major’ courses (20 of 40 credits), must be taken at WPU.

Students accepted in the Physical Therapy Program at Rutgers SHRP will receive the BS from William Paterson University after the completion of the first year at Rutgers SHRP, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree after the completion of the program. 

Students not admitted to the Physical Therapy program after their 3rd year of study in the Pre-PT program, may complete the Biology or Biotechnology major within the 4thyear at William Paterson University.

Additional Facts About The Pre-Physical Therapy/Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at WPUNJ/Rutgers SHRP

  1. The primary advantage for a student in this articulated program is that it reduces one year of schooling.  Students who apply to Rutgers SHRP from non-articulating schools must have a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Rutgers SHRP has a total of approximately 50 slots available each year.
  3. The GRE may be required for admission. Letters of recommendation are required from Physical Therapists for whom the applicant has worked or volunteered.
  4. Applicants should contact Dr. Leonard who will help them with their application packets. Information and application procedures for Rutgers SHRP’s Physical Therapy program are available online at:
  5. Students should apply to Rutgers SHRP during the summer (e.g., July, August) before their third year.  Deadline for applications is October 1st.
  6. Tuition for the Rutgers SHRP, DPH PT program is available on their website at:
  7. Undergraduate financial aid will end when the student completes the program at William Paterson University.
  8. After the required 83.5 credits at WPUNJ, the number of credits required in the Physical Therapy program at Rutgers SHRP is 110, with a required summer semester at the beginning of the program.