Internships and Careers

Internships are designed to connect your current educational program to your future as a successful professional. The courses of your college major lay a foundation in certain intellectual processes and information. We encourage you to apply that educational foundation in an internship experience! Your internship will provide you the opportunity to integrate all you are doing as a student with all you will want to do in your career.

You will find below links to some of the pre-professional opportunities and contacts for internships relating to your academic program. More internships are being established to support every student the opportunities to make this a part of your William Paterson University education within the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.   

Pre-professional programming can be found with… 


Career readiness: 


Several departments have well-established programs for internships! Please follow the links below to access internship opportunities 

In The Arts: 

In Communications: 

In English: 

CCJ and Sociology: 

In Political Science and PLUS programs: 

In Psychology: 


If you don’t see one for you below, please contact Dr. Michael Gordon, Dean’s Fellow College of AHSS