Internship basics


Internships are required for:

  • Criminology & Criminal Justice majors
  • Sociology majors concentrating in Social Services

Internships are optional for other sociology majors.  


You'll take an internship class (CCJ 4920 or SOC 4930) and --during the same semester -- complete at least 120 hours of fieldwork at an organization that you secure with the help of either AHSS Internship Coordinator Prof. Tia Cherry  (CCJ 4920) or Prof. Lake (SOC 4930). The internship class will help you make connections between the coursework in your major and the work you do at the internship site.  


Senior year (90+ credits).  We will email students within the first month of the semester when you become eligible. Students must secure their internship placements early in the semester prior to the semester in which they plan to complete the hours (e.g. early Fall for a Spring internship).

Before registering for an internship, you must have:

  • Earned at least 90 credits overall and 21 credits within your major
  • Received a C- or better in SOC 3020 Data Analysis


CCJ placements include (but aren't limited to) police departments and courts at the municipal, county and state level.  Social service placements tend to be at social service agencies at the city, county or state level and private non-profit organizations.  Work with Prof. Cherry or Prof Lake to find an organization that works for you.


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