Department of Sociology


The Department of Sociology offers degrees in sociology at the BA and MA level, and in criminology and criminal justice (CCJ) at the BA level.  Students interested in pursuing careers in social work major in sociology with a concentration in social services. In their senior year, CCJ majors and sociology majors concentrating in social services complete internships in their respective fields.

Learn more about each of our programs:

  • BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice
    Students in this program will learn fundamental facts about how the criminal justice system operates in the United States, how and why criminality varies across people and places in the US and around the world, and policies intended to reduce crime and/or punish perpetrators.
  • BA in Sociology, general
    Students in the general sociology program will learn about patterns in social behavior and a variety of possible explanations for those patterns. There will be particular focus on inequalities by race, gender and social class.
  • BA in Sociology, social services concentration
    Students majoring in sociology with a concentration in social services will take several courses specifically about the field of social work, in addition to the standard sociology curriculum. In their senior year, students concentrating in social services complete an internship in an area of the field within which they seek employment.
  • Minor in Sociology
    A minor in sociology helps undergraduates become effective citizens, with the ability to grapple with such issues as multiculturalism, inequality, and globalization. By integrating these key concepts, students become capable of critical inquiry and civic engagement.
  • Minor in Criminology & Criminal Justice
    Students minoring in CCJ learn about the basics of the criminal justice system and about theories that help explain why crime varies over time and place. They also can choose from a variety of electives about policing, corrections, forensic social psychology, and more.
  • MA in Applied Sociology
    The MA degree in applied sociology is a practical program of studies for individuals in the private and public sectors who want to fast forward their careers. The program was developed with input from administrators from corporate and nonprofit settings who do the hiring and promoting. The program fosters qualities and skills that employers seek in master’s degree students, especially an understanding of diverse cultures and intercultural communication with an ability to utilize data analysis to conduct assessments and program evaluations.
Sociology and CCJ are like other liberal arts majors in that they open doors to a variety of fulfilling, well-paying jobs, but do not link to specific occupations. Unless you're planning to go into a highly specialized field, major is not very important for the job you will eventually get. So decide your major based on what you like to learn about and what you're good at, not based on what job you want. This way you are most likely to graduate on time with a high GPA. In the end, that's what will impress employers in a variety of fields.