Honors and Awards

Honor societies

Sociology and criminal justice each have national honor societies which recognize the achievement of students who have generally performed well in courses within these fields. If you are eligible to join the criminal justice honors society (Alpha Phi Sigma) or the sociology honors society (Alpha Kappa Delta), our department will notify you by email in January or February. You can check eligibility requirements by clicking on the links for each society or on the links in the sidebar.

Induction into the honor societies occurs at the Department of Sociology Honor Society Banquet, which is generally held in mid-April at The Brownstone Restaurant in Paterson.  The banquet is a festive occasion for student inductees, their guests, department faculty and higher-level administrators -- typically the Dean of the College and the Provost of the University. The banquet also typically features a special guest speaker. 


At the annual department Honors Banquet, three awards are given. The Paul P. Vouras Sociology Award is given to the sociology major with the highest GPA who attends the banquet.  Two other awards -- Outstanding Student in Sociology Award and the Outstanding Student in Criminal Justice Award -- are given to students in each of those majors who has demonstrated exemplary academic performance and service to the community.   

Year Paul Vouras Award Outstanding Student in Criminal Justice Award Outstanding Student in Sociology Award
2021 Jennifer DiVincenzi E. Dena Janos Vanessa Archibold
2020 Kathy Wood Jeffrey Torres Khristian Aviles
2019 Richard Salimbene Dela Amexo Farhat Khan
2018 Matthew Diaz Edita Diunov-Uster Arlethia Kelly
2017 Chaimaa Barki Jacqueline Reyes Rebekah Battersby

Also, in 2017, Austin Court won CCJ Student of the Year Award for having the highest GPA of any CCJ student who had reached senior status.