Congratulations to Oswald David, Christopher Pec, Jeff Latawiec, Alissa Andre, Roswell Lawrie,
                  and Judith Cocilovo, for their M.A. degree conferment at commencement on May 18, 2016.


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Mission Statement

The Department of Sociology at William Paterson University provides a rigorous program of study designed to:  1) stimulate our students’ sociological imagination; 2) give them a full understanding of the diversity and stratification of society; and 3) enable them to apply that knowledge in ways that serve the wider community.

To achieve the above, faculty members place an important emphasis on teaching, seeking not only to inform—but also to explain, demonstrate, and inspire—in an ongoing  effort to bestow a love of learning upon our students.  As scholars, faculty members conduct research, participate in professional meetings and conferences, and publish their work. Finally, members of the Department bring their expertise to the wide variety of civic organizations and activities as part of their community service. 

At the undergraduate level, our courses integrate key concepts with our discipline’s unique perspectives and methods.  Thus, we prepare students for success in the workplace and/or graduate school, including the ability to engage in critical social inquiry and informed civic engagement.

At the graduate level, we develop in students an advanced skill set in analysis and methodology that is highly desired in a wide variety of occupations, whether in the private or public sectors.  In addition, we strive to instill sociological insights into workplace diversity through practical learning experiences..

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