Careers in Geography and Urban Science



City-regional planning
Community Development Specialist
Housing Specialist
Convention/Tourism Specialist
Demographic Analyst
Agricultural Planner
Location Analyst
Real Estate Analyst
Transportation Planner
Urban Planner
Regional Planner
Land Use Planner
Marketing Analyst
Recreational Resource Planner
Land Surveyor
Health Care Planner


Environmental Impact Specialist
Waste Management Specialist
Earth Scientist
Soil Scientist
Hazardous Waste Specialist
Emergency Management Officer
Park Ranger/Interpreter
Environmental Quality Specialist
Water Resource Specialist

GIS/Remote Sensing/Cartography

Aerial Photo Interpreter
Computer Cartographers
GIS Database Manager
GIS Specialist
Remote Sensing Specialist
Map Editor
Map Librarian
Remote Sensing Specialist


Cultural Resource Specialist
Historic Preservation Planner
Interpretive Specialist
Historical Consulting


Elementary School Teacher
Middle School Teacher
High School Teacher
College/University Professor

Work Places

Private Enterprises
State and Local Government
U.S. Government
Airline Industry
Architectural firm
Charitable or benevolent agency
Computer Systems or software firm
Department store
Engineering firm
Environmental management consulting firm
Graphic Design or mapping firm
Health care firm
Logistics firm
Marketing or research firm or unit
Oil company
Parcel delivery firm
Political consulting firm
Private school or college
Publishing company
Railroad Company
Real Estate Firm
Research Institution
Retail site selection consulting firm
Solid waste disposal of recycling firm
Travel agency
Trucking company
Department of Education
Department of Health
Department of Information Resources
Department of Natural Resources
Department of Parks and Recreation
Department of Transportation
Historic Preservation Agency
Land commission office
Land use planning agency
Police or Fire Department
Public school or college
Public transportation or transit agency
Public utility
Public Works Department
Traffic Engineering Department
Agency for International Development
Bureau of the Census
Central Intelligence Agency
Department of Agriculture
Department of Defense (Intelligence and Mapping Agency)
Department of Health and Human Resources
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Department of Justice
Department of State (and office of the Geographer)
Department of Transportation
Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Library of Congress
National Academy of Sciences
National Archives
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Park Service
U.S. Geological Survey
U.S. Information Agency
U.S. Postal Service