Liberal Studies Program


The College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers opportunities for a degree in liberal studies at the BA level. This program combines interdisciplinary training in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, allowing students to design a flexible yet rigorous program.  The liberal studies major is ideal for those who seek a broad-based education and for pre-service teachers seeking certification in P-3, K-5, and 5-8 education. 

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  • BA in Liberal Studies

A liberal studies degree opens a wide range of careers. Many employers prefer versatile, interdisciplinary thinkers with broad knowledge over specialists with expertise in a single discipline. Our internship program challenges you to apply what you are learning to your professional future, or to do a research project in collaboration with our faculty. Our senior capstone experience helps you contextualize your learning and prepares for your next step after college.  A degree in liberal studies trains you to understand complex information, and to communicate it to diverse audiences with different perspectives. It gives you the skills needed to identify the information you need to make good decisions in a fluid and ever-changing world. Students can tailor their studies to prepare for careers in teaching, law, editing, writing, marketing, advertising, journalism, public relations, sales, government work, social work, non-profit work, and many other diverse career options.

Liberal Studies - BA Mission Statement  

The Liberal Studies CoHSS major combines interdisciplinary training in the arts, humanities and social sciences, allowing students to participate in a flexible yet rigorous program. The Liberal Studies Major consists of 45 credits. Of these, 9 credits are specifically liberal studies courses. The remaining 36 credits are filled by two tracks of 18 credits each. It is ideal for future teachers seeking certification in P-3 and K-6 education, and also for anyone interested in a broad yet rigorous undergraduate education in the humanities 


 Liberal Studies - BA Goals 

  1. To appreciate the significance of transdisciplinary intellectual production. 
  2. To think critically and creatively. 
  3. To prepare for post-graduate education and employment opportunities. 


Liberal Studies - BA Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Reinterpret a selection of foundational texts within and across various Liberal Studies disciplines. 
  2. Conduct research utilizing multiple journal articles in two tracks. 
  3. Compare and synthesize alternate views on concrete real-world issues. 
  4. Identify, analyze, compare, and articulate multiple perspectives. 
  5. Expand, refine, and perfect one’s collection of perspectives. 
  6. Develop a more flexible, imaginative, and creative comportment toward the perspective of both self and others. 
  7. Articulate one’s personal and professional goals, and current strengths and weaknesses, in the form of a portfolio for a graduate program or employer. 
  8. Demonstrate competence in a specific area of transdisciplinary research, in the form of a capstone project.