History, Philosophy, and Liberal Studies

Jumpstart your career with a degree in history, philosophy, or liberal studies

The Department of History, Philosophy, and Liberal Studies prepares students for their roles as global citizens and for various career opportunities. We offer a variety of majors and minors to help students develop valuable critical thinking and research skills that will make them employable in a wide range of career opportunities. Students from our programs are prepared to pursue career paths in education, law, museum studies, government, non-profit management, marketing, business, media, and other fields. Our programs also provide outstanding preparation for graduate and law school.

Starting Salary

Average Starting Salaries for History, Philosophy, and Liberal Studies Majors (NACE)

Noteworthy Jobs and Mid-Career Salaries for Our Majors (PayScale)

Lawyer $126,930 Post-Secondary Teacher $80,560 Public Policy Director $160,260 Human Resource Manager $121,220 Policy Lobbyist $117,363 Intelligence Analyst $81,400 Marketing Manager $150,739
Six months out of graduation

Alumni in humanities and social sciences employed or in graduate school within 6 months after graduation

Get Prepared to Succeed

Students in our programs benefit from the expertise of our professors and a variety of interdisciplinary course offerings. Students can pursue internships at local museums and historical societies; participate in civic engagement/service-learning activities; and earn membership in Phi Sigma Tau (Philosophy Honor Society) or Phi Alpha Theta (the international history honor society).

What You'll Learn

In the history, philosophy and liberal studies programs, students learn in-demand skills that employers have identified as critical for job candidates, including:

  • Communication and effective writing
  • Research skills
  • Critical analysis and problem solving, among others

Key Skills for Careers in History, Philosophy, and Liberal Studies

as indicated by Employers and Alumni on LinkedIn

Critical Thinking




Data Analysis

Digital Fluency

Verbal & Written Communication Skills

*LinkedIn Workplace
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