Department of History



History is the study and narration of the human past across time and place. In order to access and tell stories about the past, historians make use of various forms of primary and secondary source evidence – including written documents, oral evidence, artifacts, and other products of the human experience.

The History Department at William Paterson University offers students a variety of courses across geographical regions and thematic perspectives. Such courses provide students with a broad understanding of the human condition, the diversity of human experience, and the origins of our contemporary regional and global connections.

The History Department also provides students with essential skills for active engagement and participation in modern global society – including communication, effective writing, research skills, critical analysis and problem solving, data analysis, and digital literacy.

The History Major at William Paterson University is a 36-credit program. We prepare students for future roles as global citizens and for various career opportunities as educators, researchers, legal professionals, public servants, curators, media and business professionals, to name a few.

The History Minor is an 18-credit program. History has important links to other fields of study, including political science, philosophy, literature, economics, law, criminal justice, and social justice.

The American Studies Minor is an 18-credit inter-disciplinary program that combines United States history, politics, literature, and culture.

Learn more about each of our programs:

  • BA in History
  • Minor in History
  • MA in History and Historical Studies (currently not accepting new students)

Graduates have pursued careers in the following fields in education as teachers, principals, and librarians. The program has helped students begin careers in law and government as lawyers and public administrators. A degree in history also offers opportunities in business. Graduates have entered the fields of banking, insurance, real estate, and sales.