Department of Community and Social Justice Studies

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Welcome to Community and Social Justice Studies

We are a department where Our faculty approach our classrooms and our courses as sites of participatory, collaborative and collegial learning. Our teaching and research strive to create a mutually respectful and inclusive environment that practices and fosters social justice from deeply intersectional and interdisciplinary perspectives. We offer several degree programs:

  • Africana World Studies: Humanities and Arts track
  • Africana World Studies: Social Science and Community Development Track
  • B.A. in Anthropology
  • B.A. in Women's and Gender Studies
  • B.A. in Community Development and Social Justice
  • B.A. in Leadership and Professional Studies
  • We also offer several minors in the above programs and Minor in Social Justice Studies, and attractive certificate programs in Cultural Competency, Gender and Sexuality

    Our Mission

    Prepare Students to critically examine communities and development through the lens of social justice, to investigate systemic inequalities and injustices using interdisciplinary and decolonizing frameworks and practices,to actively engage in social change by shaping public debates, working with and for communities, and influencing public policy, to occupy positions of leadership and pursue careers in community development, public policy, and as community advocates

    Our approach is through enabling experiential learning activities, teaching critical skills for bio- and sociocultural analysis, power mapping, needs analysis, impact analysis, and sociohistorical/archival analysis, and building collaborative partnerships with local organizations and communities in northern Jersey.


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