Administrators and teachers from the College of Education's Professional Development School network share their reflections on the partnership!

Raquel Lima, Assistant Principal, Clifton Early Learner Academy, Clifton, N.J.

"Our relationship and continued partnership with William Paterson University and our Professors in Residence have positively impacted our program. Our staff take full advantage of the Professional Development opportunities offered through the Professional Development Schools network. Our teachers have attended numerous workshops where they return excited and energized to turn-key new information and ideas to colleagues, as well as, implement in their own classrooms to benefit their students. Our Professors in Residence work tirelessly to share research, resources, and innovative practices to optimize learning for all. We are so grateful to William Paterson University and the Taub Foundation for this amazing partnership. We look forward to our continued collaboration to benefit our staff, students, and their families."

October 2020

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Frank A. D'Amico, Principal, James A. Garfield Early Childhood Learning Center, Garfield, N.J.

“Our continued partnership with William Paterson University, has taken our Preschool to a higher-level of excellence. Our Professor-in-Residence, has become an integral member of our school community. She has built a strong collaborative rapport with our faculty and staff and works tirelessly to motivate, engage and support. Professor Gennarelli, has provided varied tools and high-quality school-based professional development, for our families and faculty and through her steadfast efforts, we have benefited directly with many grants and programs, otherwise not possible. Professor Gennarelli, has provided the resources, to build an amazing Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom, an opportunity to explore and learn with clay, a Block Play Innovation, STEAM and Maker Space and offered an opportunity, for the staff to secure a free Special Education Certification. Professor Gennarelli's contributions are well received and recognized, and we at the Garfield Early Childhood Learning Center, are very appreciative, for this highly-successful partnership with William Paterson University, that has exceeded all expectations”.

October 2020

Frank D Amico

Chrys Harttraft Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools, Somerset County Vocational and Technical Schools

"The professional development schools model has had far reaching effects for many schools but for us as a career and technical education (CTE) school, the model has been a "game changer".  This has resulted, not only due to the inquiry based practices in general but it is specifically linked to the contextual learning taking place within each career pathway. 

   Most CTE teachers, although experts in their fields, have not had the traditional teacher training with an emphasis on pedagogy or curriculum development. Professors in Residence Dr. Mullane and Ms. Wieners have served not only as collaborators, but as one-on-one teacher leaders providing and sharing resources and embedding academic concepts into the technical programs. Their work with academic teachers is equally valuable modeling  various strategies such as restructuring the physical environments to be more conducive to learning, helping to coordinate department-wide practices through pacinging of curriculum and joint lesson planning, resulting in more material being covered prior to assessments. 

   The professionalism within the school has been heightened due to the professional development "buy in" via collegial, nonjudgmental, nonevaluative conversations about the instructional practices and the success of certain strategies evidenced by the student achievement data.

   These research based practices shared by the Professors in Residence are widely appreciated and accepted by our teaching staff. Our partnership continues to grow and we are fortunate to be part of WPU's network of Professional Development Schools."

June 2020

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Nancy Castro, Principal, Paterson Public School 28, Paterson, NJ

"Our partnership with William Paterson University continues to assist in maintaining a positive culture and climate in which communication is enhanced and teachers are encouraged to continue their professional growth. Our Professors in Residence have built a strong rapport with the PS No. 28 and PAGT staff, and they work tirelessly to engage, support and care for our school family. My gratitude goes out to the William Paterson University and the Taub Foundation for this highly successful collaboration."   

June 2020

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Working professionals and students involved in the Professional Development Schools program sat down to discuss the first-hand benefits they've seen come from William Paterson University's PDS program. The following is a selection of their testimonials. An expanded collection of these interviews can be found at this link on YouTube.

Hector Montes, Principal, New Roberto Clemente Community Middle School, Paterson, NJ

Tyeshia Hilbert, Vice Principal, Paterson Public School 12, Paterson, NJ

Candace Burns, Former Dean, College of Education