Documentary Tips

Film and Video Presentations

The availability of home video cameras has increased the popularity of this entry category, though movie cameras are still used by some students. If students are able to use editing equipment in their school or elsewhere, this can be an exciting and educational project. Many communities have cable access stations that have video equipment available for public use. Following are some suggestions for film and video entries. Students should: 

  • Operate all camera and editing equipment.
  • Draw up a storyboard of the scenes they will be shooting.
  • Present a variety of panning shots, interviews, live action, and still subjects.
  • Keep track of the scenes in a notebook or on index cards to make editing easier.
  • Include music where appropriate to enhance the narration.
  • Bring an extra copy of your presentation to competition, in case of technical difficulties or, in some cases, the judges may need to take a copy to their tables for runoffs.