What to Expect

See the 2019 regional competition and state competition agendas for an idea of what a competition day would look like:

Click here for more information about what to expect at the national competition held at the University of Maryland, College Park, each June.

Judges Sheets for Each Project Category:

Quick tips:
  • Remember to check-in as soon as you arrive at your competition location. Students will most likely have to sign-in by their names at the rooms where they are presenting.
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi, especially if your project requires Wi-Fi access. New Jersey History Day advises all students to make sure their projects are not Wi-Fi dependent since judges will not make exceptions for students who cannot project their work. But, it is always a good idea to not have to worry about Wi-Fi connection!
  • Arrive early to the room where you are presenting.
  • Stay calm and collected during the judges' interview. Prepare ahead of time by practicing your answers to questions the judges may ask.

Possible questions the judges may ask:

- What is your most important primary source?
- Why is your topic the best example of this year’s theme?
- Why did you select this topic?
- What was something unexpected you learned during your research process?
- What was something that you had to leave out of your project? Why did you make that choice?
- Why are you excited about history?