Video Clipping for PC Users

Video Tutorial for Clipping with VLC
Directions for Clipping with VLC
  • Insert the flash drive on which your video is saved. Use VLC media player to open saved video. If you do not have VLC Media Player you may download it for free: ( )
  • Direct where you want the “clipped” video saved.
    • Select Navigate to Tools
    • -> Preferences
    • -> Input&codecs and Record directory or filename.
    • Browse to locate the drive and file of your saved video. 
    • Save to save VLC settings.
  • In the VCL window select View, then Advanced Controls.
  • A red record button now appears which will be used to “clip” the video.
  • View or skip to the specific time and select “record” and at the end of the segment select “stop”. Quick tip:  Use the time you are “clipping” the video to note time stamps of specific elements to which you want to reference in your commentary.
  • The video segment which was just recorded will be saved as a new video within the drive and folder which you designated.
  • Rename the video for submission.
  • Delete any video downloaded. The video will remain within the secure Interact App.