edTPA Handbooks

edTPA Handbooks and Support Resources

Digital versions of each edTPA handbook are available in Chalk and Wire and WP's Blackboard Community: edTPA for Teacher Candidates.  Please note that all edTPA materials, including handbooks are copyrighted materials and may not be posted or shared publicly.  

Blackboard Community

  • Log into your Blackboard and select "edTPA for Teacher Candidates" from the My Organizations area on the front page.
  • Select the correct handbook for your certification area. 

Chalk and Wire

Setting Up Your edTPA Table of Contents (TOC)

Chalk and Wire is the platform where you will upload your edTPA.

Your field placement determines which edTPA you will complete.


  1. Click on the Menu Tab
  2. Click on the Work
  3. Click on the New Portfolio
  4. Click on the blue hyper-link, Can’t Find Your Table of Contents
  5. Pick Department- edTPA Pearson
  6. Choose your Table of Contents Based on Placement-See below
  7. Name it (Last Name, Name of TOC_)

All P3 Teacher Candidates select:

       Early Childhood 

All Elementary Teacher Candidates select 
      Elementary Education 

All Music Teacher Candidates select
     Performing Arts 

All Physical Education Music Teacher Candidates select 
     Physical Education 

K-12 Teacher Candidates placed in middle school will select
     Middle Childhood Content Specific 

K-12 Teacher Candidates placed in a High School will select
     Secondary Content Specific