Child Development Center Staff

Our Hopes and Dreams

Our hopes and dreams for the program, children, families, and community are inspired by the child centered Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.

We asked our leaders and teachers to reflect upon the relationship between their hopes and dreams and their view of the child, the classroom environment, the program, and their role as a teacher

Cindy Gennarelli

 I hope that all children have equal access to an early childhood program that embrace children's interests and authentic explorations, that the center's pedagogy considers the child's full of potential, and the environment is filled with natural materials that provide opportunities for experiential learning. I hope that teachers are lifelong learners listening, observing, and documenting children's efforts, strengths, and abilities.

Cindy Gennarelli Director of the WP CDC
& Early Childhood Innovation

Ronni Mendez

 My hope is for each child to have a safe space and learning environment that encourages exploration, fosters critical thinking skills, and embraces creativity.

My dream is for the children to feel empowered, to know that they are valued. I would like them to develop the confidence to know that they are capable and competent and that their thoughts and ideas matter.

Ronni Mendez Associate Director &
Preschool Instructional Coach

Mary Dekker

 Our classroom is our second home, and I want every child to feel like a loved, valued, and respected member of our class family. I hope to create a safe and joyful space full of opportunities for the students to ask questions, share their talents, and express themselves every day. I believe that our students are our best educators, and that their interests and dreams should lead the way as we all learn and grow together!

Mrs. Mary Dekker Preschool Teacher

Nour Faraj

 I aspire to build a healthy, safe, appropriate environment for my students to engage in authentic learning experiences to ensure their success.Building a sense of community and trusting relationships with my students, families, and community members is an important component of my philosophy.

I want to ensure that my students develop confidence, a positive sense of self and build self-esteem.

Mrs. Nour Faraj Preschool Teacher

Lauren Dutch

 My hope is to create a safe, diverse, and stimulating environment which will empower each child to discover their strengths and conquer their challenges.

My dream is for every child to develop a love of learning and the confidence needed to turn every experience into a learning experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

Ms. Lauren Dutch Preschool Teacher

Gosia Downes

 My hopes and dreams are that my students never stop asking questions. I believe that curiosity is the essence of learning. I want our day to be filled with activities that challenge our thinking and encourage collaboration.

We will look for challenges and enjoy the process of researching, experimenting, and looking forward to learning more.

We will embrace "not knowing" because that will help us grow.

Mrs. Gosia Downes Kindergarten Teacher

Jorrdin Miller

My hope is for children to feel secure, and confident and know that they are loved by our family unit. I want the children to pursue their intellectual interests and build strong relationships. My dream is for the children to know that they matter and to develop confidence within themselves.

Jorrdin Miller Office Administrator/Substitute Teacher