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Hobart Manor

Hobart Manor, a national historic site, was constructed in 1877 by John McCullough, a Scottish immigrant who made his fortune in the wool industry. The property was purchased by the Hobarts in 1902 and used at first as a summer retreat. From 1915 to 1919 a major remodeling was undertaken and, with the addition of a three-story east wing, the Manor was expanded by 40 rooms. The Hobarts occupied the mansion until 1948 when Mrs. Garret Hobart Jr. (Caroline Frye) sold the entire estate to the State of New Jersey and it became the new home of Paterson State Teachers’ College, now William Paterson University.

Pictured here is the library which, along with the drawing room, dining room, and game room, has been restored and furnished in the style of the Hobart period. The four rooms are filled with decorative arts and paintings typical of the early nineteenth century.