National Student Exchange Program

The National Student Exchange was established in the 1967-68 academic year with three state-supported campuses in the United States exchanging seven students among their universities. Administrators on those campuses wanted to help students who could not take advantage of studying abroad by providing them the opportunity to learn about new people and new places through study in another part of the United States. Using NSE, students could exchange to state-supported NSE member campuses in other states without having to pay the high cost for out-of-state tuition. NSE has retained that basic idea during its development as it has grown to 177 member campuses placing nearly 4500 students for exchange annually.

Advisement - Inform your academic advisor of your plan to study at another school through the National Student Exchange Program (NSE) at least one to two semesters prior to your departure. If you wish to apply for Financial Aid, please contact Zoya-Barry in the Financial Aid office ( or 973-720-2185) in Morrison Hall 1st Floor. If you wish to discuss the program with past participants, we will happy to provide you with contact information. Please visit for additional information.

Eligibility requirements - Include that you must be a full-time undergraduate student of at least sophomore-standing with a GPA of 2.5 minimum (some programs require at least a 3.0). It is University policy that the last thirty credits of your degree must be completed at William Paterson. Please contact us for additional requirements, for instructions on how to apply and for additional information. The due date for applications is December 1st. Applications will be processed in mid-March for placement for the following academic year. Fewer opportunities will be available after March. You will be notified of your acceptance in late March or early April.


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