National Student Exchange Program


The National Student Exchange (NSE) is a study away opportunity that allows WPU undergraduates to spend a semester or year at a member school in the United States, U.S. Territory (Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands), or Canada while paying WPU tuition and fees. While at these new locations, NSE students can take advantage of research programs, internships, extracurricular activities, professional network channels, and so much more!


To be eligible for participation in the National Student Exchange, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Maintain a cumulative GPA (including both major GPA and IU GPA) of 2.5 or higher (Please be aware that some member schools may require a higher minimum GPA).

  2. Accumulate a minimum of 24 college credits before embarking on the exchange.

  3. Complete at least two semesters (both fall and spring) at IUPUI before applying for the exchange program.

  4. Be currently enrolled as a full-time student for the current semester and commit to maintaining full-time enrollment throughout the exchange.

  5. Declare a major (exploratory students are not eligible to apply).

  6. Ensure that there are no incomplete grades on your transcript at the time of application.

Financial Aid:

U.S. Students

Title IV federal financial aid may be used by eligible NSE students enrolled at U.S. member colleges and universities. Federal aid is awarded by and disbursed by the home campus. Since federal aid is based on a real campus budget, the amount of your award for the period of exchange may vary from that received while attending your home university.

Host Payment
For eligible students exchanging under Host Payment, federal financial aid is awarded by, and disbursed from your home campus.

FAFSA: On your FAFSA form, list the FAFSA code for your home campus.

Home Payment
For eligible students exchanging under Home Payment, federal financial aid is awarded by, and disbursed from the home campus. College Work Study aid will not be available for students away on exchange, however, non-CWS employment may be available.

FAFSA: If exchanging under Home Payment, list only the FAFSA code for your home campus. Do not list the FAFSA code for your exchange site(s). This could result in an over-award and financial aid error.

Exchange to Canada
Individuals planning to exchange to Canada, regardless of whether on Host or Home Payment, file for federally-funded financial aid only at your home campus. List only the code for your home campus on your FAFSA form (U.S. students only).

Other Aid Sources
If you are receiving VA Benefits, private, state-based, or institutional-based grants, scholarships, or fee remission for tuition, housing, and/or meals, check with your NSE coordinator and/or home campus financial aid office to determine the use of such aid for exchange under Host Payment or Home Payment. Some forms of aid may be portable on exchange while others may not.

Study Abroad More Exchange Options

Some NSE colleges and universities offer international/study abroad programs that can be accessed through the National Student Exchange. NSE lists these study abroad opportunities as a service to our member institutions and to interested students. NSE accepts no responsibility or liability for the quality of the programs listed or the services provided.

Apply now: NSE

All application forms must be submitted by the deadline:

Spring Semester - October 1

Fall Semester - March 15

Questions? Send us an email at Study Abroad or stop by the Provost's Office, Raubinger Hall, Suite 100 to get answers!

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