Pre Fall 2016 Requirements

All students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in the Cotsakos College of Business are required to earn at least 8 PE points.  These points may be earned at any time while a student at William Paterson University.

Beginning Spring 2016, students are now responsible for recording and tracking their P.E. Credits. You will need to download and print the PE Tracking Form and bring it with you to PE events. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.  Students who are not grand-parented into the original PE program should not use this form.

Once you are ready to report your PE credits to your MGT 4600 professor, bring your form to Ms. Charisma Thomas (Valley Road, Room 4056) to have it validated. Be sure not to wait until the last minute to have your form validated. While we will do our best process your forms while you wait, during busy times, it may take several days to get the validated form back to you.

To show your credits earned before this semester, you must send an email to requesting the current status of your PE credits and then attach the response to this form.

Remember - This form will be the ONLY record of completed PE Credits beginning January, 2016. If you have any questions, please inquire at