Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science in Professional Sales

The Christos M. Cotsakos College of Business academic program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Professional Sales features a curriculum that is balanced between general education, sales, and other related business courses. The program (a) requires the completion of six courses in the professional sales area, thus preparing students to pursue careers in the areas of securities/financial services, manufacturing, wholesale, technology or pharmaceutical sales, (b) mandates the successful completion of related coursework that provides coverage in all areas that form the basis of fundamental business core competency, and (c) stresses a well diversified general education core including specific courses that enhance public speaking skills, introduces behavioral sciences, and increases competency in analytical and mathematical sciences, ethics, and diversity in organizations.

The contemporary graduate of the professional sales program will understand and recognize how to effectively apply sales theories within the firm, utilize skills concerning selling foundations, understanding buyers, affect effective communication skills, implement selling strategies including initiating customer relationships, approaching customers, and delivering sales presentation delivering. Graduates will be prepared to utilize well-developed and rational decision making methodologies in handling customer dealings, team selling, and self-leadership, as well as coordinating and executing those activities that support the creation of goods and services.

Internships and practicum credit hours may be considered with the approval of the department chair and the Dean.

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