About Us

RBI was founded in 2003 through a generous gift from the Russell Berrie Foundation. The late Russ Berrie, founder and CEO of Russ Berrie and Company, Inc. started his career in sales. No matter what he did, or what his title was later in life, he always considered himself a salesperson. Russ was passionate about sales and wanted to share that passion with others. He dreamed of an innovative institute dedicated to elevating and advancing the field of sales as a profession.

Our Institute is the embodiment and fulfillment of that dream. RBI is committed to delivering education, research, and leadership that advance the sales profession. Our efforts and programs focus on identifying, studying, and providing solutions to the challenges individuals and firms face every day in achieving superior sales performance. Russ' passion and vision lives in us all at RBI, we hope you will let us share that passion with you and help you achieve sales excellence.

Whether you’re a student thinking about a major in sales, a sales manager looking to hire qualified “pre-trained” sales people, or a company looking to implement sustainable initiatives for improving sales performance, RBI has the expertise and programs that will help you meet your personal and corporate goals. As a university-based institute, we bring a decided edge and difference in perspective to the marketplace.

With a faculty and staff of leading sales and learning experts, with years of industry, educational, and training experience, we are able to offer academic rigor grounded in real world practice. Our academic degree programs, behaviorally-based development programs, and sales performance consulting and research, are built on the kind of solid research needed to deliver unbiased rigor, reality, and results for students and clients alike.

Along with our state-of-the-art behavioral learning facility, we are able to deliver powerful proven learning experiences. For students, our Bachelor of Science in Professional Sales is the first separate degree in Professional Sales offered by an AACSB-accredited business school. It is experientially-based and challenging degree program designed to provide you with the knowledge you need and the opportunity to develop and demonstrate your mastery of key sales skills. The program’s combination of academic knowledge and real world application will help you jump start your career upon graduation.

For sales professionals and their firms, we offer an array of development programs, consulting, and research that will provide the sustainable sales and sales leadership results required to compete successfully. Our development programs employ a blended learning, behaviorally-based approach along with unique follow up programs that ensure and document results. We also offer sales performance consulting and research services to identify specific sales performance gaps and provide recommendations for implementing solutions to achieve targeted goals.