International Programs

The global village we live in today is undergoing a fundamental change: the rising of emerging economies, especially Asia, and the submerging of some developed economies. Tensions are inevitable. All nations should understand that peace and prosperity depends on understanding of mutual interests and acting collaboratively. The first step to tackle this challenge is for nations to increase genuine understanding and establish trust among themselves. An effective way of bridging the gap is through the exchange of visits and face-to-face dialogues.

The Global Business & Finance Institute at William University has developed a comprehensive set of international exchange programs.  For example, LET THE WORLD KNOW US, a study program that takes American students abroad; HANDS-ON TRAINING PROGRAMS that brings foreign students to the US for short-term training; 2+2 and 4+1 PROGRAMS that allow foreign students to transfer to William Paterson University after studying at their universities for a year or two; GLOBAL COLLEGE STUDENT FORUM, an online student debate program; and the YOUNG LEADERS PROGRAM that provides training to foreign students to improve their English skills, knowledge of American culture, leadership and other issues. We plan to further expand these programs.  In this process, we welcome cooperation from partners and friends from all over the world.


Peter Caiazzo, CFA