Stephen Collesano '74

Stephen CollesanoStephen Collesano spent 38 years managing and doing research in the private insurance sector with three organizations: The American Council of Life Insurance (ACLI), American International Group (AIG), and ACE Group (now Chubb).  During his 25 years with AIG he was the senior officer responsible for worldwide research and information.  His responsibilities included research and development; global risk assessments; commercial data warehouses; customer information centers and corporate ebusiness.  He managed a 250 person staff with offices in NYC, Rio, Sao Paulo, London, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo.  He designed and built AIG’s Account Data Base – a commercial data warehouse that consolidated corporations worldwide (big data).

In 2009 he joined The ACE Group as Senior Vice President, Global Research and Development.  ACE is one of the world’s leading global commercial property and casualty insurance and reinsurance organizations, with operations in more than 50 countries and a client base spanning more than 140 countries.  He joined ACE with a two fold mandate: (1) upgrade and expand internal research capabilities; and (2) design and develop a commercial client and prospect data base.  Two months after starting work, he was given a third mandate: (3) coordinate all eBusiness activities throughout the ACE Group.

In 2014 Stephen retired from ACE and began teaching graduate research courses at William PatersonUniversity in the department of Sociology.  He had come full circle having earned an undergraduate degree from WPU in sociology and philosophy.

He went on to earn a Master’s degree in Sociology from Kent State University and a PhD in Sociology from American University.  He is the co-author of Applied Research in Aging (Little Brown, 1983) and other publications.

In addition to his professional duties Dr. Collesano was a member of the adjunct faculty at New York University for eight years where he taught a series of graduate courses in research methods.  He has also lectured at The Ohio State, American University, Fordham, St. Johns and Tufts University.  He is a founding member of The DACKKs Group for Supportive Housing (now part of Vantage Health Systems).