CRI Mission

The Cannabis Institute provides evidence-based, scientific and economic information used to advise state and local decision makers on topics primarily related to cannabis, but also to opioid drugs, and other substances. This interdisciplinary group of professionals conducts basic, clinical, and public health research and analyzes data to inform policy-makers, to provide information for drug-related counselling, and to inform curricula.


1. To act in an advisory capacity to any state, county or municipal agency in need of information concerning the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana.

2. To serve as an academic center disseminating and discussing results of basic, clinical and public health research, and data and policy analyses related to the medicinal or recreational use of marijuana through conferences, seminars, forums and public lectures.

3. To create appropriate credit and/or non-credit curriculum and credentials, such as an interdisciplinary certificate in cannabis studies, that provide critical skills and knowledge related to cannabis.