Rahi Abouk, PhD, Director


EMAIL: aboukr@wpunj.edu
PHONE: 973 720 3908
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Rahi Abouk’s research interests lie in health economics and the economics of substance abuse. He explores determining factors and consequences associated with individuals’ health-related behaviors. He investigates the effect of public policies targeting electronic and conventional cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis, and opioid drugs. On cannabis, he has published a paper exploring the link between the legalization of medical marijuana and cardiovascular-related deaths in the United States. He is currently working on research focused on the labor market effects of legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes and the effect on children and youths. Dr. Abouk is also the principal investigator on a R21 grant recently awarded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to study the effect of e-prescribing mandates on opioid abuse.

Dr. Abouk has published papers in eading journals such as the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), JAMA Internal Medicine, Journal of Health Economics, American Journal of Health Economics, the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, Strategic Management Journal, International Journal of Drug Policy, International Journal of Neonatal Screening, Journal of Public Health Policy, Maternal and Child Health Journal, and Economics Letters.


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