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WP Presents!
San Jose Taiko’s Rhythm Journey

WP Presents! <br>San Jose Taiko’s <i>Rhythm Journey</i>


San Jose Taiko’s distinct performance style blends traditional rhythms of Japanese drumming with the beat of world rhythms, including African, Brazilian, Filipino, Latin and Jazz. Known for synchronized choreography, eclectic musicality, and joyful spirit, the group has captivated audiences worldwide with the empowering sounds of taiko and connecting people through cultural understanding, creative expression, and rhythmic heartbeat.

San Jose Taiko is acknowledged as one of the premier taiko ensembles in the world, whose artistry, philosophy, and unique organizational structure are studied and emulated by many arts groups throughout the U.S. and Japan. Recognized for its artistic and managerial excellence, San Jose Taiko has received both Advancement and Challenge Grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Chevron Award for Excellence. Most recently, in 2010, the Foreign Minister’s office of the Japanese government awarded San Jose Taiko the Foreign Minister’s Commendation of Achievement in recognition of the group’s (then) 38-year history and contributions to the taiko art form. San Jose Taiko is only the second North American taiko group to receive that honor.

Admission: $25 Orchestra • $20 Loge • Standard WP discounts apply

San Jose Taiko

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