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Transfer Team

Our Admissions transfer team is here to support you throughout the transfer process, answer any questions, and make your transition to the Pioneer community as smooth as possible.


  • Missy Matera

  • Senior Associate Director of Admissions

  • Email:

  • Phone: 973-720-2901

  • Mobile: 973-310-5546

  • Hometown: New Oxford, PA
    Alma Mater: Gettysburg College/Towson State University
    Degree(s): BA in Sociology/MS in Human Resources Development
    Recruitment Area: Transfer students
    Specialty: Readmit/Second Degrees
    Favorite Vacation spot: Beach
    Dog or cat?: I love them both equally
    Favorite Dessert: Key Lime Pie
    Currently watching/favorite show:
    Lifetime Movies


  • Christina Pone

  • Assistant Director of Admissions


  • Phone: 973-720-2275

  • Mobile: 973-221-8873

  • Hometown: Sayreville, NJ
    Alma Mater: William Paterson University
    Degree(s): BA in Communication/MA in Applied Sociology
    Recruitment Area:Transfer students
    Specialty: Art
    Favorite Vacation spot: Beach
    Dog or cat?: Both!
    Favorite Dessert: Carrot Cake
    Currently watching/favorite show:
    Parks & Recreation/Grey’s Anatomy


  • Tyler Schreckenstein

  • Assistant Director of WPonline Admissions


  • Phone: 973-720-2212

  • Mobile: 973-310-7797

  • Hometown: Ringwood, NJ
    Alma Mater: Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
    Degree(s): BA in Criminal Justice with minors in Psychology and Spanish
    Specialty: WPonline
    Favorite Vacation spot: San Pedro, Belize
    Dog or cat?: Dogs
    Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Lava Cake
    Currently watching/favorite show:
    How to get away with Murder


  • Gabriella Brown

  • Lead Transfer Advisor


  • Phone: 973-720-4070

  • Hometown: Woodbridge, NJ
    Alma Mater: Rutgers University/New York University/Fordham University
    Degree(s): BS Communication/MA Higher Education Administration/PhD Leadership in Education
    Specialty: Accepted Transfer Student Academic Advising
    Favorite Vacation spot: Puerto Rico
    Dog or cat?:Love both, can’t have either (allergies!)
    Favorite Dessert: Ice cream
    Currently watching/favorite show:
    Friday Night Lights, Castle, The Good Place