Tuition and Fees - Fall 2016/Spring 2017

TUITION - per semester* $ 4,988 $8,934
MANDATORY FEES (full description below)
Student Services Fee 144 144
Campus Facilities Fee 1,093 1,093
Student Govt Assn Fee 62 62
TOTAL per semester $ 6,287 $ 10,233

TUITION - per credit $ 319 $ 579
MANDATORY FEES (full description below)
Student Services Fee 9 9
Campus Facilities Fee 71 71
Student Govt Assn Fee 4 4
TOTAL per credit $ 403 $ 663

*The undergraduate full-time rate applies to 12-19 credits. Part-time is classified as 1-11 credits. The rate for registration in excess of 19 credits is $403.00 per credit for NJ Residents and $663.00 per credit for Non-Residents.

William Paterson is committed to providing an exceptional and affordable public higher education. While your college education is a crucial investment in your future, we work on your behalf to ensure that your education is as flexible and affordable as possible. The University has held tuition increases to 2 percent in each of the last four years to keep a WP education within your reach.


For the 2016-17 academic year, an undergraduate student who is a resident of New Jersey taking between 12 and 19 credits per semester would pay $12,573 ($6,287 per semester) for tuition and mandatory fees. Click here for details on costs »

The University administers a number of financial aid programs designed to assist eligible* students in funding their college education.

Helping to pay for a William Paterson education

For many families, affording college means 1) choosing a reasonably priced school, and 2) using a combination of student and family savings, student jobs, and various forms of financial aid to pay for it.

Let us show you how! Options to help you pay for college include scholarships, student loans, and on-campus employment.


WP maintains a generous merit scholarship program for incoming freshman and transfer applicants. Each year close to 2,000 scholarships are awarded totaling over $7 million. In most cases, all accepted students are automatically considered for scholarships; no separate scholarship application is required. Additional scholarship opportunities for incoming and currently enrolled students are also available through the William Paterson University Foundation and the Alumni Association. Outside scholarships, which students research and apply for on their own, are also accepted. 
Click here to find out about WP's scholarships »


Student loans may be awarded to most students and at various amounts. These do need to be repaid but can help students afford their education upfront. Students are then responsible to repay their loans at a designated time after their education at William Paterson is complete.
For more information about loans available to international students, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Student Jobs

International students may be eligible for on-campus employment. On-campus jobs are available in many of our University offices, offering bi-weekly paychecks for students. These jobs help students pay for college while also providing valuable contacts and real-world experience.
Click here to learn more about our student employment »