Welcome to Financial Aid!

Greetings from the William Paterson University Financial Aid team! An affordable education is our goal, and we are here to provide you with the necessary information to locate and secure available funding.

The University Financial Aid Office strives to provide the highest quality service to undergraduate, graduate and professional students in pursuit of their academic goals. We are committed to providing exemplary service to our students and their families, the University, and the community at large.

Our primary objective is to assist students and families in planning and meeting expenses associated with attendance at the University.  We focus on establishing aid eligibility, packaging scholarships, waivers, grants, loans and student employment to eligible students, and providing financial aid counseling to students and families for the resolution of problems associated with financing an education.  We serve as the primary advocate for students and families, assisting them in securing necessary financial resources.

This web page contains all the information you need to help navigate the financial aid process at William Paterson University.  We have many links to tutorials as well as federal and state programs to help streamline the financial aid process.

We are here to serve your needs!

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